March 24, 2021



Hi dear people! Welcome to the Haley News Show! Hi guys! What’s up? I am Haley / and I am Mike and this is Mike and we’re here today to do the BF/GF tag because Haley thinks it’s funny / I think it’s funny and because many people wanted to know where Mike is from.

What?! I need to tell that? No, the reason you love me and stuff like that. Who says I will do that? Now we will start right away! right away? okay / I need to find them (the questions).

Hi dear people! Welcome to the Haley News Show! Hi guys! What’s up? I am Haley / and I am Mike and this is Mike and we’re here today to do the BF/GF tag because Haley thinks it’s funny / I think it’s funny and because many people wanted to know where Mike is from.

What?! I need to tell that? No, the reason you love me and stuff like that. Who says I will do that? Now we will start right away! right away? okay / I need to find them (the questions).

Nice preperation.. Haley does her job SO well. Oh god, you seriously don’t have it? / Oh look I had it!

First question: ”Where did you two meet?” I will tell the story! / No you will lie! No I won’t. We met in a club and I was standing at the bar and it was still earl- was it?

I don’t know, the bar was pretty empty. It was outside, like half outside. and there weren’t many people And before I realized it there was this ”Grinsebacke” next to me (literally smiley-cheek) who told me ”You need to smile more.” What did I say to that? / Mike said could you please leave? No, I was like ”please leave my personal space/bubble” because you came so close!

So after that we talked and I think you fled from these guys. What? Oh yes before I went to the club I was getting dinner with my german course and it was our last dinner right after we finished our exams.. Is that right? / It is .. so we were eating and then we met these people and we were kind of party-ing. Yeah because back then Haley was a party-animal but she is no longer / A ”Partymaus” (lit. party mouse) I just wanted to get away from them because they were horrible and disgusting.

Really! / I hope they won’t see this No they would’nt understand because all of them were from America. Well maybe they’ve absolved more german lessons by now. That’s true, might be the case. well and then .. that’s it actually / yes that’s it. so this is how we met. Haley talked to me first not the other way around, I didn’t even see you. It was dark inside the club, how was I supposed to see you?

I had so much glitter (on my face) / yeah you did. Where was your first date located at? L’Osteria Btw, am I supposed to answer the question? Oh ok I thought it was some kind of competition about what I know and what I don’t know.

What was your first impression of me? ”Too close.” I was like .. observing Mike. You observed me, huh And I was like ”what a hot guy” ”soo hot.” That’s what you said?? / No actually I was like ”I need somebody” and said ”Hi.” Asshole! I was like ”wooow.” ”When did you meet each others family?” I didn’t get to know Haley’s family so far. They know each other via Facebook and Instagram because my mum and grandmother are really strange and have profiles. ((I didn’t get what he said)) I met Mike’s family after like..

I don’t know.. Actually pretty quick / Yes / I think after about a month. And I think they’re probably like ”Why are you together with this crazy person?” Noo! I think all of them really like you. Mike’s mother doesn’t understand me Yes she does.

No. also the way I am ”Do they have any strange habits and if so, tell us!” Do ”they”? Who’s ”they”? ”You”! ”They”.. yes ”us” actually. WHAT??


It’s not like I let my underwear .. I don’t know .. laying around or something. Ok actually IK do but.. I don’t like .. let them dry in the front yard or anything like that. Would that be strange? I don’t know.

How long have you been together? about 10 months, right? I’ve been together with you for so long?! Yes I think so too- *S LA P* I just flicked you. I hate that!

One of his strange habits is this .. flicking thing he does. Go away! / You are so aggresive, 10 months of abuse(iveness). ”What was the first thing you noticed about each other?” She’s black. / What?? Yes that’s right.

That’s what I first noticed. Yes, was I dark (at that time?) Yeah you were really dark When I first came to Germany I was really dark, like really brown At the time we met too Yeah that was when I first came to Germany Oh, I get it ((there literally is no word for ”Achso”, it’s such a good word tho, it’s a pity)) It was just a few months after I arrived Back then I still had my florida tan from sitting and laying in the sun for 8 hours each day I had my golden goddess brown Oh, so you were in florida before that’s why you were so brown These days I am as pale as paper, just like you Your teeth they’re so beautiful because usually Germans.. no disrespect but their teeth are usually not as beautful / So if I didn’t have beautful teeth (so like if my parents wouldn’t have sent me to the orthodontist) we wouln’t be together?? I don’t know.. I always told you that you can get your teeth fixed Me? My teeth? // No not yours, I mean in general If you have ugly teeth in Germany you shoul get them fixed. ”What’s the No.

1 topic you argue about?” Food // Foood and when I’m hungry- ”Honey? Did you get me spring onions- what should I eat” ”We have nothing in the fridge” the last five months- // ”there’s rice” for 5 months I’ve been asking him to- // Honey, then go get your stupid spring onions yourself I’m not byuing you one of these huge- the zucchini’s been laying there for two weeks Yes, because I said Zucchini AND spring onions No you only said zucchini // I wanted to cook something with both What were you gonna do with the zucchini anyway? I wanted to make a spring onion sauce , it’s super delicious, you just never tried Alright then I’ll buy you your sauce I think you’ve got some earwEx right there You don’t have to- You don’t have to put this into the video You are an earwEx wax* Exactly and uhm .. oh god For some reason you seem to find it very funny when stuff like this happenns to me e.g. when I get attacked by sheep etc. ”Who’s wearing the pants in your relationship??” I think it’s 50:50 I feel like I’m the adult in this relationship and you’re more like the child It’s true I always have to be the reliable person saying stuff like: ”Honey get up” and you’ll be like: ‘Noooo’, give me 5 more minutes’ I’m awake at 7 am // That’s bullshit That’s a lie, you’re unbelievable I stand up in the morning- // When I sleep here..

I’m usually awake around 9 am No actually that’s a lie too When I sleep at Mike’s I’m usually awake at 8-30 to 8-45 and then I’ll lay there and stare at Mike like this while he sleeps // What am I supposed to do then? Wake up, good morning Schatzi and then he’ll say ”No” or doesn’t hear me so I’ll just go to sleep again I’ll close my eyes- // and then you’ll sleep till 11 am So what? You sleep till 10:30 30 minutes aren’t a big difference either yeah, because Ill wake you up – I sllep till 10 am ”What do you like to watch on TV?” No! Not at all You like suits! // Yes but I only watch it because the new season just came out GOT // Yes, GOT’s my favorite but that’s not really TV I don’t watch TV at all for example Programs like Pro7 or RTL Okay we need to change the question then ”Which movies/series?” // Yeah Netflix-wise Suits, GOT- No, Suits isn’t even close to being my favorite House of Cards Yeah right, House of Cards, that’s the one I meant // not Suits // YES I meant House of Cards Modern Family True, that one is nice Two and a Half Man too // what about my favs? xoxo Gossip Girl I never watch GG // You watch Family Guy ((didn’t understand / don’t know)) That one is nice too the new season especiallly I don’t know when the latest season starts but it should be soon Mike already started without me, can you see what kind of relationship this is? It hasn’t even started yet! oh okay ”What’s the other’s shoe size?” You have 40.

Schatzi you’re supposed to lie! it’s 38 38 // Dankeschön I have 42.5 // I know Did you really know that? // Yes ”Where would the other person live if they could choose freely?” // Here Mike will never leave Bavaria. True. I would most likely love to live .. Don’t you dare say anything else than Bavaria on an island // What // somewhere all alone You don’t eat fish, how are you gonna live on an island? // So what I’ll take a few chicken But you’ll have eaten them in two days I’ll take a few pigs and a cow // No I- we ‘ll stay here, it’s the most beautiful place anyway ”When and where did you first say ‘I love you’?” After Starwars.. .. right? // Yes, in Brünne ((?)) We said it in Starwars and sat there in Brünne afterwards and the you drank your girly drink and then we said // I didn’t know what it was your Mai Tai That’s not a girly drink!

What kind of music does the other listen to? Haley- // Country and you // everything // yeah I listen to conutry and Mike listens to strange music Idk I’m not really into- // He doesn’t like Hip-Hop when I listen to my ghetto gangster- You’re not a ghetto gangster you’re the sweet girl next door who brings the neighbours cake It’s true tho – ”I baked some cake for you!” That’s how you are, you’re not a gangster. What’s the other’s favorite animal? Mike’s is a dog // and wolverines they’re so cool Actually Mike is an animal person Am I? // Yes, me too Yes you can obviouly see that as soon as cows run away from you or when sheep attack you or when cats run away from you.. for some reason animals always come to me instead Yes because you smell like shit // Yeah probably ((LMAO WHAT)) ”What eye colour does the other person have?” We both have brown eyes Haley’s are actually black just like her soul What??

Mike has caramel brown eyes ”What does he/she hate the most in general ?” Mike: spiders No I just think they’re disgusting, I don’t hate them What do I hate? I hate it when you leave your shit in my car. No I know what you hate most You hate it when I levae my tissues // Yup I really hate that He’ll completely freak out // when she leaves her tissues laying around instead of just throwing them away But I’ll use them once more everytime my nose _#environmentallyfriendlyHaley_ evertime my nose is running, I’m always sick and my nose is always runny so I need to use tissues Yes, you can do that! // So I’ll take a tissue and I’ll put it somewhere Yeah but she crumples it and then I’ll suddenly see that I lay on top if one No!

I always put them on my side of the bed Disgusting! There’ll lay three or for of these used tissues and WHO will throw them away!? I will // Never As yoon as you’re gone, always always, always, always (( I din’t understand either of them)) Ok so that’s it- // Wait I haven’t finished yet ”Where is the other person from?” Mike’s from Romania // bullshit Bavaria, Munich *singing a Bavarian song* ((I guess)) I’m from America ((duh)) from Florida // from Florida // a little palm tree Yes I’m a little palm tree that’s why I’m so dry. ”What do you like to do most when you’re together?” to sleep watch series and eating ”What can he/she do for hours?” Drive // Yeah Mike can drive for hours or he could also annoy me for hours you could watch YouTube videos for hours It’s crazy how you watch videos of random people talking about anything I love YouTube that’s also why me and my YouTube fam understand each other // it’s crazy… for hoouurs.. without anything happening in that video just like this one, nothing happens So what?

We’re funny What plans do you have for the future? Am I allowed to say that already? With the.. what we’re doing?

No No? Good, so that’ll stay mysterious We’ll try to always stay together if not I’ll have to kill him No we finally have it on cam Thank you for watching Yes I really am hungry I wanna go now See you soon ((I tried my best to sub this! These two are so funny and I tried to translate that too, so if it sounds kind of clunky that’s becuase I tried to translate it as close to the actual meaning as possible!

Btw ”Schatzi” is literally ”Treasure-y” but I called it ”Honey”. Sorry for possible mistakes. M3m3ly))

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