February 11, 2021

How to Eat 🐱🐱🐱Like A GOD (MAKE HER LOVE YOU!)


See me? I’m a god. Yup.

God shit baby. Whatchu know about that. And one of the most godly skills you can have is: lickin that pussy. Problem is, people don’t know how to do it right.

You get in there, you’re all confused acting like you’re trying to solve the physics problem of the century, she’s like “uhhh what’s going on down there?” and you just do some random shit for like 30 seconds and then you’re like “aight, ready to have sex?” Bruh. Stop. Let me show you how to do this. Well, not SHOW you. This is YouTube.

I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t like that. . Instead, let me tell you. #1. Actually care about her. Now you can go and google tips and they have the one about like writing the alphabet with your tongue and all that and a bunch of other random stuff, but let me tell you the number one thing that’ll take your skill to the next level and beyond: ACTUALLY CARE.

If you actually care about her, if you actually care about what you’re doing, you’re gonna do a good job. You’re gonna improve. You’re gonna like it. You’re not gonna just rush through it as fast as possible, finish up in 30 seconds and then expect her to suck you up for an hour. You’re gonna care about her, you’re gonna want her to feel as good as possible, and as a result, you’re gonna have A LOT of fun with it, because you know you’re making someone you care about feel really good.

I’d never do this with someone I didn’t care about. It just wouldn’t be fun. #2. Switch it up.

Like I said, there are a lot of tips out there that’ll have you busting out a composition book and taking pages and pages of notes – notes that you obviously won’t remember when it comes times to put em into play.http://www.bbpeoplemeet.com/ Kind of like those pickup artist “routines” where they try to script out the conversation for you and then later when you’re out you completely forget all of it. Yeeeeah fuck that shit. That doesn’t help. Plus, this is supposed to be FUN – DUH – you’re having SEX, it’s supposed to be FUN, it’s not supposed to be a CHORE.

So instead of some oddly specific tips, my advice is to just have fun with it and switch it up. Lick – lick in different ways, and kiss – do different types of kisses. Slow, sensual, tender; faster, aggressive, fun.

Suck on the clit – gently. One thing I really like to do is blow little puffs of air on her stomach and around her thighs. Move around like that, move up to her body, kiss down her body from her neck and then right before you get to the spot move a little outwards to her inner thighs. You’ll be able to tell from her body language how she responds to each thing and what she likes the best, and then you can use that info to help you. Don’t be formulaic.

Like I said, HAVE FUN. If you’re having fun, she’s having fun. #3. Tease. You don’t have to go straight for the spot and then stay there.

Like I said, you can kiss or lick around her body and her legs and stomach area. You can go in a little and then lick around a little more. Have her wanting you more and more, to the point where she’s so ready for your D. You can even compare it to one of those video games where you get rewarded for grinding, and the rewards aren’t completely guaranteed but you know if you grind enough you’ll almost surely get something, and it’s randomized just enough to the point where you get the reward and then you end up playing more and more to get more and more rewards.

If you’ve played any games at all recently you know what I’m talking about. It’s actually called “intermittent rewards” – the basic idea is you get rewarded for grinding, but you don’t know exactly when the rewards will come. So it makes you grind more than if they were at specific intervals and it makes you crave it more.

So why am I talking about this nerdy stuff? You probably see where it’s going. If you’re really formulaic with what you’re doing, it’s not as fun for her, whereas if you tease a little and switch it up in a somewhat randomized way but still drop those rewards enough, then she’ll be wanting it more and more. #4. Don’t get tired.

This ties in with the last tip. You don’t want your tongue to get tired. Then it just becomes like work.


And if sex feels like work to you: you’re doing it wrong. TT aka Tired Tongue is something you want to avoid, and if you think this isn’t a real issue, I want you to pause the video right now and stick your tongue out and move it up and down over and over and see how long you last, and keep in mind I’m talking about doing it for multiple minutes, not for like 15 to 30 seconds. Switching it up and dropping teases in there allows you to not tire yourself out. Don’t forget about this, because if you go down on her for 1 minute and then you expect her to do the same for you for 10, unless she’s the nicest girlfriend in the galaxy, it ain’t happenin.

And, like I said, if you actually care about her, you WANT to make her feel good, and stopping right as she gets into it isn’t your goal. #5. Try different positions. You got a lot of different positions you can do.

She can lay flat on her back with your head between her legs. Same thing, but with her legs wrapped around your head. Same thing, but with her legs up in the air.

She can be on her side, and you can be coming in from in front or behind her. She can be on her stomach, and your head is on top going in. She can be in a chair or on a sofa, with her legs draped over your shoulders. She can be standing up, and you can be in front or behind her. She can be sitting up on her knees, and you lay with your head under her.

You can be under the covers so it’s more about the sense of touch for her, or you can have it so she sees you so she gets the visual aspect as well. Being visually hidden can also lead you to be more spontaneous so try it out. You can be in the shower, and the combination of the water coming down with what you’re doing can enhance the feeling.

You can 69. There are a lot of fun positions. You don’t have to just stick to the standard one! #6. Do the butt too.

SOME motherfuckers are gonna be like “ewww what?” but bruh I don’t give a fuck and I’m a god so it’s not like I get dirty anyway. This shit feels good for both you and for her, and if she’s a little averse to buttsex and you’ve been thinking about trying it it can also help get her open to it … figuratively. #7. Shave.

It’ll feel different for her depending on how you shave. If you have a big beard and a mustache, yeah, she’ll feel that. If you have stubble, it’ll feel a little different, and if you have really light stubble, or you’re clean shaven, it’ll feel different. And that’s it for today.

In summary: Care about making her feel good. Switch it up. Have fun.

Tease. Don’t get tired. Try different positions. Butt. Shave.

It’s not about specific techniques. I find that the best way to do it, that leaves her feeling the best, is when I’m just having fun and being creative. Enjoy yourself, and let her enjoy herself. So what you just watched was a pretty advanced video on what to do when you’ve already gotten the girl into you, on a date with you, and naked with you haha. But as you know, the hard part and most of the difficult work, comes in trying to get her to like you and agree to hangout with you in the first place!

Now I’ve been doing dating all of my life, hell I’m the mothafuckin’ GOD of dating, but I’ve been teaching dating to you guys on YouTube for a few years now, and the BIGGEST issue I’ve seen when it comes to getting girls and creating your ideal sex and dating life, is texting the girl in a way that makes her not only attracted to you, but excited and BEGGING to hangout with you. To solve this problem for you guys, and get your texting game to the godly level that mine is on, I’ve created The Godly Texting Guide and I’ll be releasing access to it VERY soon. After you sign up for The Godly Texting Guide, you’ll know: the texting hacks that WILL get you laid the types of text messages you can send to not only make her respond, but make her text YOU first how to build crazy amounts of sexual tension over text so that when she sees you, she’ll be dying to have sex with you AND You’ll gain a newfound understanding of how to make girls like you whether it’s in person, through text, or even over DMs on instagram or Tinder In The Godly Texting Guide course, there are more than 15 videos, teaching you everything I mentioned AND SO MUCH MORE. I’m even including tons of bonuses like “The Best Opening Lines” and screenshots of my own successful text conversations that got me LAID. Yeah, yeah I know, this stuff is gonna be lit!

But, making a course, is no easy task and it takes a ton of work to make sure the website, course videos, and modules, are totally functional and ready for you guys to use, the course isn’t finished yet, and I’ll be announcing it’s release within the next few weeks. But don’t fret, you know I’m not gonna leave you guys hanging! In the meantime, I have TWO totally free breakdowns I’m gonna be giving you guys to start using right now to bring your text game and sex life to the next level. Below in the description, there are two links to two separate breakdowns.

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I’ll see you inside!

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