January 13, 2021

3 Hidden Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With You (How To Know If He Loves You)

Emotionally and Sexually

Hey. This is Clayton. And in this video, we’re gonna talk about three signs that he’s falling in love.

Hey. This is Clayton. And in this video, we’re gonna talk about three signs that he’s falling in love.

So if you’re searching for signs that a man is in love, you’re probably coming from a place of feeling a bit anxious, maybe you’re feeling that you’re beginning to fall for this guy and you don’t want to make a mistake and get hurt and you’re wondering whether or not he’s on the same page. That can be a really tough place to be in because it’s typically ridden with anxiety, and this tension, and this nervousness and it can be a really vulnerable experience. So the point of this video is to help move you from being inside your head, down more into your body and your heart so you can begin to relax.

You can begin to let go. You begin to go with this experience and allow it to unfold in whatever way it needs to unfold and have the most fun possible. Now what happens when a man is falling in love?

Well what happens with any human that’s falling in love we get to a place where it begins to feel like a crisis point. A lot of the articles, a lot of the videos, a lot of the research that I’ve done that went into making this video talks about the light side of things have fallen in love: the eye contact, the feeling, the acceptance and those are completely valid. However, there’s also another side of falling in love that is quite terrifying and when this emotion isn’t necessarily expressed if a guy’s falling in love with you and he’s not necessarily expressing and saying I love you what very well might be happening is that this emotional experience is going to come out in these interesting ways.https://www.interracialmatch.com/ It’s gonna come out sideways.

It’s gonna come out from these different angles so the point is to distinguish and to bring to light some of this behavior. Some of the ways that he may be exhibiting that he loves you without him actually saying it. In fact, we’re gonna try to bring clarity of this so you can have a little bit more certainty and you can relax and trust more in the process and just allow things to happen. Alright.

So point 1 is we’re gonna start with something positive. It’s that He’s In Awe Of Your Uniqueness. Now what happens when someone falls in love and what creates that honeymoon stage is quite literally there are chemical reactions in our mind that cause us to begin to drop judgment. We start to see our partner in a way where it’s almost like we’re seeing them through these rose-colored glasses, and their quirks, their idiosyncrasies, the things that they may not accept about themselves. We start to see them in a way that just bring love and acceptance to them.

Wo what you might notice is the places in your life the things that you are insecure about, maybe the way that you look, or the things that you do or your personality quirks that may annoy other people, he finds them fascinating. He finds them attractive. They’re things that he encourages or that he accepts either subtly or overtly when he’s with you. Love begins to dissolve the boundaries and the judgments that we have about other people and they cause us to step forward and want to merge with that person.

This merging, this accepting, this stepping in and wanting to experience all of you may manifest a number of ways: 1.) he might step in and start taking up your hobbies. He may be really fascinated in your dance classes or your art classes, or he may start reading books that you’re reading to get deeper into the psychology or the way that you think. 2.) You may also notice that as these boundaries in him begin to dissolve there’s just a certain way that he looks at you. There’s a certain way that he focuses on your face. There’s a certain way that he holds eye contact, just a little bit longer than necessary, and there’s maybe a certain life that he has in his eyes, the term somebody’s getting starry-eyed, right.

It’s almost like you can see that there’s just some type of spark that’s behind their eyes when they’re looking at you. And what you may notice is that when you are in the presence of this. You actually just start to feel precious you start to feel that you are this precious person that can’t be replaced. Someone that’s rare and that’s unique and that he is really seeing you in ways that perhaps you have not seen yourself. Now let’s move on to point two.

Emotionally and Sexually

And point two is the darker side of some of the things that might be coming up within him as a result of being in this experience of falling in love. Because love has a tendency to rip us open involuntarily to a new level of vulnerability, it can be a really unsettling experience for men, primarily because men don’t typically have the same emotional capacity or emotional expression as women especially if they’re raised in a traditional society. And what that means is that when he’s with you, what you might notice is that there’s a certain level of fragility to him. There’s a certain way that he is perhaps maybe stressed out, or he’s getting triggered easily. He may become jealous.

He may become kind of possessive. There could be a clinginess that occurs as well. There could be an anxiety that is there. These are all signs that he’s getting attached to you, not necessarily, that you’re doing anything wrong but rather that he’s beginning to move into a certain place of vulnerability psychologically. And typically, this happens with guys especially if they’ve got a little bit of a lower self-esteem or if he’s unsure that the feeling that he’s feeling is actually reciprocated, alright.

And lastly point 3, there is a deep and a wide connection occurring between the two of you. So let’s start with a wide connection of what that looks like. What that means is that there are multiple places, multiple categories in his life where you begin to see more of. So what that might look like is he starts to introduce you to his friends. He starts to show you off to his family.

Perhaps the way that his friends talk to you and the way that they meet you is almost as if you can tell that you are a significant person in their life because there’s something that he said to them about you when you weren’t around. It almost has them really welcoming you and pulling you into the circle trying to get to know you. Another aspect could be that he’s bringing you into activities and different hobbies that he’s involved in. He’s integrating you in his life in a way rather than keeping you separate. Men do this – men begin to integrate women into their lives when really he sees long-term potential.

Alright. So more importantly let’s talk about depth of emotional connection and as a sign that he’s falling in love. So within this depth of emotional connection, I’m going to call this awareness and Consideration.

So what it means is that there’s a certain amount of awareness. There’s a depth of awareness that he is beginning to have about you, about the things that you like, about the things that you want, perhaps him being able to do things for you without you even asking for them, maybe taking your car to get washed, maybe there’s some type of thing that you mention in passing and suddenly he just jumps in and ends up doing it on another day, and what you are completely surprised by is how close he was listening to you. There is an uptick.

There’s an uptick in his presence when he’s with you. He’s really focused. He’s really listening intently and you might not necessarily notice it in the moment depending on how a tune you are to him but you’ll notice it in his actions, in the places where he is becoming more reliable and consistent with the way that he’s interacting with you that said he may be falling into one of these roles of being more of a provider and also more of a protector.

One where he’s really looking out for you, where there is a certain stake that he has invested in your well-being and there’s certain ways that he is orienting around that to make sure that you are protected and safe. So those are the three signs that he’s falling in love: 1.) he is in awe of your uniqueness, 2.) there is a certain emotional fragility that may be emerging in the way that he’s interacting with you, and 3.) there is a breadth and depth of connection that is forming emotionally between you and him. Now if what you’re wanting is to make sure that as you move forward in this next chapter of your life with this guy that this one sticks, that this one actually works, I want to invite you to a free webinar that I’m putting on with the fellow coach named Jack Butler. And this webinar is called the Three Keys To Attracting And Keeping A High Quality Man.

And in it we talk about three keys, we uncover three core truths about really making a relationship work. And we uncover things like a certain type of vulnerability that really takes things to the next level, that takes the connection the next level and we also talk about ways in which you might be subtly blocking yourself from being able to fall in love and from being able to put your most authentic and vibrant self forward in the relationships. So if that sounds at all fascinating, and you’re in a relationship, or you want to be in one, and you’re wanting to make this next one work, go ahead and click the link below this video.

Sign up for the webinar. Pick a time that works with you and we’ll see you there.

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