October 23, 2020

How to Flirt with A Girl On Social Media | The “REC” Method

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Today, I’m going to show you the 3 letters that are about to change your dating life FOREVER. Those three letters are R-E-C. The best dating strategy comes down to these 3 letters right here… and yes before you ask, this strategy works during quarantine as well… in fact it works EVEN better because it’s all done from the comfort of your phone… dope i know! Don’t believe me? Here’s some proof… What does this acronym stand for?

Rack ‘em up. Engage. Close. Confused?

That’s OK, I’m gonna break down this simple, 3 part system nice and easy for ya. Once you learn it, your dating life will be solved for good… no more getting left on read or getting flaked on last minute. How do I know? Because it’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few months!

Rack ‘em up. You ever talk to a girl on Tinder, have a decent exchange of messages back and forth and suddenly get left with no response? Then you try and follow up and nothing… she disappeared into the void… there goes your chance with her… gone forever! You want to avoid this as much as possible!

This is where step 1 comes in to play, ‘racking up’ as many girls Instagram and Snapchats is a HUGE advantage. Whether you’re talking on a dating app or meeting a girl in person, you need to have an easy way to follow up with her after the initial interaction. Phone numbers are good but Instagram or Snapchat is better because when you text a girl directly it’s slightly more needy than if you were to reply to her story or send her a relevant meme.https://lifehacker.com/five-best-online-dating-sites-1594072317 Now since I mostly do this on dating apps, the goal of racking up Instagrams, and Snapchats as quickly as possible is simple… I want to make sure I can keep in contact with this girl!

The more times you talk to a girl, the more opportunities you have to build attraction, and the more likely she is to meet up with you. Important Note: Overall I’d say it’s best to go for the Instagram after the first message or two. If you’re a younger guy, it’s a good move to go for the Snapchat if that’s your preference, but if you’re older then Instagram is your best bet since most older girls aren’t on Snapchat.

Getting the girl’s Instagram is huge because once you guys follow each other you’ve created a what I call a “long-term prospect”. In business there’s this concept known as a “prospect” or “prospective customer”. Put simply, this means somebody who is considering buying your product from you.

In a dating context, YOU are the product. As long as you guys follow and engage with one another, the possibility of you guys romantically moving forward, remains alive. I’ve talked to girls on dating apps, gotten their Instagram and gone on a date with them months or even more than a year later!


I happened to run into them in real life, or one of us posted a story that was relevant, we messaged about it, and suddenly planned a date right there! Any girl you talk to on a dating app is only a “short-term prospect”, your goal should be to get them OFF the app and onto your Instagram or Snapchat so they become a “long-term prospect.” You want to rack up as many “long-term prospects” as possible from dating apps, so that you can move on to step 2. Engage. Once you have the girl’s Instagram or Snapchat, it’s time to engage her. The whole point of dating is to meet a girl you actually connect with and like!

You do this by engaging in conversation with her and getting to know her. This is where Insta and Snap come in. In sales, there’s this concept known as “touch points”, it’s basically when a potential customer interacts with the business for information or services before buying. Instagram and Snapchat are how you create these “touchpoints” with a girl over time… genius I know! If you’re on Instagram, you want to do the following: Reply to stories Send each other funny and relevant memes and posts And maybe even comment on her photos on rare occasion Here’s an example of how I engaged a girl until she came over for a date… I used to bake vegan cookies a few times a week, and every time I made some, I’d post them on my story.

One of the girls I was talking to replied to my stories of my cookies multiple times saying I needed to try her vegan chocolate chip cookies, it became a bit of an inside joke between us for a bit and then guess what man?! That ended up being our first date! This is the benefit of engaging.

It could have easily been me replying to her stories but in this case it was her. If you’re on Snapchat, the same applies Reply to stories Consider starting a streak with the girl to create a daily touchpoint And send regular snaps to all of your long-term prospects When I used to use Snapchat a lot I would send ‘update’ snaps every day or two to all the girls I was talking to at the time. It would just the word “Update:” in front of it followed by a funny pic or video update of whatever funny or interesting thing was going on in my life at the time. If I were a young guy, I would definitely make funny quarantine update snaps and send them regularly to my prospects, it’s a great way to keep momentum going and keep the romance alive while you’re physically apart.

Now for the girls you’re talking to frequently, you can engage them more intensely outside of IG and Snap by Facetiming each other or even texting… the more you know a girl, the more you can text or setup times to Facetime with her. FaceTime and phone calls are super important while everyone is stuck inside because it’s the only way to build a deep, lasting connection with the girl you like. Build a strong enough connection with her, and she’ll be counting the days until you guys can meetup for real. 3) Close. Now if you’re watching this in the future and there isn’t a plague outside, then you want to close on some of your prospects, and setup a date.

But if you can’t close a date within the next few days, I recommend what’s known as a ‘soft close’. A soft close is when you guys both agree to hangout or do a specific activity at some point in the future, but don’t have a specific day or time setup. I’m sure you’ve done this with your friends, ‘hey bro, we have to hit the gym together as soon as lockdown is over’, OR ‘yo man, we definitely have to hit that bar again once it’s safe again.’ Same thing applies with the girls you’re talking to.

You want to soft close with a specific activity, it can be getting bubble tea, going on a hike, binge watching your guys’ favorite netflix show, or whatever it might be. The easiest way to soft close is to setup an inside joke between the two of you, something like the cookies example I mentioned earlier… this way it’s natural to set up a soft close and secure a future date. For example, if cookie girl and I were talking during this time, I would have definitely soft closed by saying something like, “We’ll definitely have to bake some vegan cookies together once everything settles down… as long as you promise not to burn down my house in the process.” See that? It has all the elements of a soft close.

Fun, flirty, relevant, and linked to a specific activity. And that my friends is it. This video turned out to be longer than expected and we covered a lot of ground, hell, I thought this was gonna be a shorter video but oh well, I guess you guys got lucky today. ‘Til next time, Zeus out!

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