July 20, 2020

Meet my fiancé – Honest talk

In 2018 I met an active guy with a funny hair and bright eyes full of dreams that time I had my 10 days holiday on a seaside and I didn’t expect anything special just to have a good rest in a different country but the trip brought me my fiance my best friend and person who my love and respect to the moon and back so today I want to share with you a story about Engin how we met and some feelings which I had before whenever I tell such a story on our way to some people, they always say: oh this story you need to tell to everybody, it’s like magic it’s something special and this is a day when I want to share this story with you I can say that our relationship was one of the biggest risks in my life because everything happens so fast in our first talk, Engin was saying that he does so many things he said like: I do acro yoga, I do YouTube videos, he showed me the video where he does skateboarding.


He said: I was a gymnastic teacher. He did climbing I understood at once that he has so many different sides and it got my interest so much, because I am also that type of person who has a lot of hobbies I like to try things. And at once it was felt some connection It was obvious that we have a lot of in common and later on, we learned together that we both were dreaming about the world trip we were imagining how we travel the world, do our job on the way but of course that time we didn’t build any so far plans we just were so much interested in each other and actually, I can say that maybe we had five days when we were meeting communicating and he kept saying: come back, please, come back and the keywords which he said to me – he said: I’m already so happy person I have everything.http://mbasic.facebook.com/FreeChristianDating


I’m so rich.

But I will be really much more happy, if you will come back and we will be together I can say that those words took my heart, because it’s so hard to find people with such a mindset it’s an amazing thing to feel this world and be happy Actually, he had so many dream and he couldn’t that time for some reason to travel the world but he found in himself that power and feeling to be thankful for what he already has when I came back to Ukraine I made that decision I took a risk and in one month I came back So it was a great opportunity because I was planning to start my digital nomad life it was a super cool to go to a different country and start to do my job online because because before that I was doing it just in my city the second, the place was just beautiful, amazing, it was Olympos in Turkey You might know that. If not, take a look in google maps you definitely need to visit that place, because you have a beautiful sea, you have mountains, you have a forest you have just everything what you can dream about and of course, I liked him, I felt like we have so much in common and it could work so I bought my ticket and in one month I came to him Engin is such a special person as more we were together, then more I learned from him I actually consider him like one of my biggest teacher a teacher, I mean a teacher on a view to the world he’s staying always positive, he is always so happy, no matter what he keeps smiling and I never met any person who loves this world as much as he does so it’s just amazing energy, which is always comes from him you can feel it even through camera, he’s like full-time youtuber now and who is watching his videos knows very well and loves, I believe, his videos exactly because he’s spreading this energy so much and it’s just a honor for me to be near by such a person and follow our dreams nearby each other So actually I can talk really long about Engin, I believe, because it’s… It’s a brilliant person, I felt it right away, when we met When he said like: I’m rich and I have everything – most of people will think about some material things a lot of people try to reach and earn a lot of money or something like that he never had such goals but his goals were always bigger, he always tries to find a sense in kindness, in positivity and shares with the world his love so that was my short story about my boy, I hope my future husband finally, I was able to share with you the story, because you know, it’s like a bit private and you need to get ready to share it with such audience and what helped me to shape the story better, it is a class on Skillshare Storytelling: Character, Conflict, Context and Craft by Daniel Jose Older so this person is a New York Times bestseller author and I can’t stop to be surprised by these opportunities which we have now because we can learn from such beautiful and interesting people just by sitting on our sofas Skillshare is an online learning community of creative and curious people They got thousands of classes on pretty much everything it’s a perfect place to keep your learning and thriving and if you’re wondering how much skillshare cost it’s incredibly affordable compared to the pricey private classes and workshops an annual subscription is less than 10 dollar a month for a limited time use the link in my description to get free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership so if you like this video, please, hit the like button and see you in the next video bye bye! 🙂

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