July 6, 2020

That YouTube Boyfriend Quiz Everyone Has Already Done…


Sometimes I’m inside and sometimes I’m outside and you do the hokey pokey And you turn yourself around? That’s what it’s all about No, stop that Stuff like the Benjamins my name is Benjamin let’s chat for a minute I don’t know what that was what I liked it. I let’s just cut right to the chase.

We all know that I’m only in it for the view because views equals money which I don’t make because I don’t put ads on my videos I’m all about that cold hard non-existent cash So to get the money you got to get views and to get the views you got to get famous and to get famous You got a date somebody famous or be successful. Which let’s be honest, I’m not going to get successful being successful is for talented people, so today were gonna Why am I still doing this? Alright, I might have a problem I need to like de-hype myself a little bit think sobering thoughts like the fact that we have a tangerine for president (11/10 joke) there We go, I’m much better now All right, but look if I’m going to sell myself out to some Youtube boy for fame I might as well like them right? Because I need this Relationship to last to pull in that hard youtube money and I also need to do something Trendy like this quiz, which has never been Done before by anyone else on YouTube ever.

I’m the first. I’m original all right What colors do I like black and white don’t count as colors all right? I’ve been told by artists that those do not count as colors all right even though they have RGB color codes which means they’re totally Colors fuck you guys dark colors like black because that’s half of black and white.https://www.tendermeets.com/discreet/gay-dating.html

What are you usually doing on a Friday night? I’m playing video games on I’m not I’m not I’m not social. Favorite letter. . . I’m playing video games on I’m not I’m not I’m not social.

Favorite letter. . . Do people have favorite letters. .? I-Is that a thing people have? choose an animal perfect, perfect hold that thought. Meow into the mic make the people happy :3 That’s the whole reason I got you, I got you for the views no no no don’t don’t sniff the don’t don’t miss the pop filter Just just just meow. Come on man. Just do this one thing for me Okay, all right.

Look people like when I put my cat in the video. I’m just trying to keep them happy all right. Choose one I hate all of them. I-I don’t understand. This is all shit that people said back in like 2009 you know dildos are funny right?


What am I saying dildos are actually hilarious let fate decide Okay, Do you like going inside or outside? Sex joke. Sometimes I’m inside and sometimes I’m outside And you do the hokey pokey, and you turn yourself around That’s what it’s all about (Clap) (Clap) No, stop that. If your friend falls down, what do you do?

All right look, There’s two kinds of people in this world those who would laugh at their friends if they fall down and those who are fucking lying I laugh and than I helps them up because look if you don’t laugh at your friends when they fall down You’re not, you’re not true friends. You’re your “friends”. If someone makes a dirty joke, how do you really respond? I mean it really depends right like some some dirty jokes Just aren’t funny like I can look you dead in the eyes right now and say, DICKS But I guarantee a lot of you didn’t just laugh, or if you did you, you have a very low bar which which explains why Are watching me! Hey!

What’s going on? I just realized all three of these choices contain laughter to some degree. Do-do you not have a choice but to laugh a dirty jokes? Well there you go, We don’t need any other kind of jokes in the world all we need to do is talk about dicks and butts That’s the end-all Be-all of comedy. I start laughing of course.

It’s freakin hilarious. I laugh every single time I enter the shower That makes it sound like I have a small dick if you found out your best friend died What would you do? Wow that got deep quick, we went straight from dicks to death. I mean I’d be devastated I mean, I’d probably be tempted to try and hold in the emotions, but don’t don’t do that shit kids that shit Ain’t healthy for you, Hobby? Do these videos count as making people laugh?( Yup) I’m just going to say they do they do they do make people laugh.

That’s my hobby making people laugh what is a flaw of yours, ok I come off rude sometimes when I’m making jokes about things because ok so the worst thing was when you’re making fun of something only To find out that your friend really likes it and then you gotta backtrack and be like oh well I’m you I mean if you like us has a different story right. It was just a joke oh I love I love that thing I’m sorry, that’s the end of the quiz did you enjoy it? (this doesn’t count towards your score) You literally asked me what my favorite letter was and then told me to leave it up to fate. Do people have favorite letters? I-Is that a thing people have?

I loved it Hey beautify he’s he’s famous as fuck. I mean he’s so attractive and dreamy Oh, wait. Shit I forgot Pewdiepie’s fucking dead the internet fucking murdered him in the streets Maybe I could get him to write me in his will

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