May 15, 2020

What’s Going On In The US Today? Part 1: The History & The Election

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My name is Nina and Today i’m going to give you, my take on the current political situation in the United States and Specifically what led up to where we are today. In this episode I will be using idioms and a variety of very specific terms So if you are watching this to practice your English I suggest you fast forward to the end of the episode where i talk, about the different terms and idioms that I’m using I think, the origins of our current situation, goes all the way, back to the American Civil War Which was a bloody, war that was fought between 1861 and 1865 and the issue that caused the Civil War was slavery. In essence the south or the Confederate States wanted to expand slavery Where as in the North they, wanted to support the Constitution and they deemed that slavery was unconstitutional so a bloody, battle raged, and The South, wanted to secede from the nation Ever since then, the plight of the African Americans has been at the forefront of what is going on in the country In 2008 and again in 2012 Barack Obama, was elected the President and this is due in large part to the grassroots operation of getting the African Americans out to vote and Vote they did in astonishing numbers In 2016 the US faced another election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Hillary, was by far the more experienced of the candidates and would have been adequately prepared to carry out the Function of the president and being a diplomat However a lot of people simply did not like Hillary and also the smear campaign against, her didn’t help She was coined as crooked hillary, by the other side and this, did great damage to her campaign Much to everyone‘s surprise including his own, Trump won the presidency and Political analysts are still trying to figure out how this happened and why.


It is a very complex situation That has its origins in the history of the United States.

First of all it’s important to note that Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote Most people did vote for Hillary However she lost in the electoral college Which is a very archaic System that dates back to the early days of our country Also, interesting to note is the gerrymandering This is a hot topic of debate today in our country and this is where District lines are redrawn in such a way as to favor certain candidates Another reason i think that Trump won the presidency Has to, do with the fact that, we had an African American in the White House for eight years There are people in this country, who are racists there are also Misogynists and these people voted for Trump There are also a lot of people, who are simply sick and tired of politics and Politicians and they wanted something, new, and they wanted something different, and Trump is anti-diplomacy he’s anti-establishment and they thought that this could be a refreshing change Once again I would like to say that these are my opinions expressed in this video. You are welcome to agree with me or disagree with me. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you tune in again Learn Languages With Nina and please stay tuned if you would like to hear my explanations of some of the terminology and the idioms that I used in this episode If you, say this is my take on something it means you’re Expressing your personal opinion it means how you see things and interpret things At the beginning of the episode I said they deemed it unconstitutional So this is what deemed, means they thought or estimated it to be The South wanted to secede from the Nation they wanted to separate from the Nation a plight is a struggle at the forefront means it is at the leading or most important position a grassroots movement grows from the bottom up Meaning that ordinary everyday people are getting involved a smear campaign is used in politics to make an opponent look bad and very often these are untrue remarks that are made to coin an expression means that you make it up you invent it if somebody is crooked it means they are a dishonest person they are a criminal or a crook if something is archaic it is very old it’s out of date it’s old-fashioned and it’s antiquated a misogynist dislikes or as strongly Prejudiced against women We use the expression sick and tired to mean We are very fed up with a situation: We’re sick and tired of it Thank you very much for tuning in to Learn Languages With Nina Don’t forget to watch Part 2 to find out more about what’s going on in the US today and Please visit, my website to find more videos and to find out a lot more about me Thanks, again, and see you next time

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