April 23, 2020

Straight Talk: Does Your Partner’s Job Matter?


– How does a date‘s occupation play into your feelings for them? – I love a professional man, like just physically, a man in a suit that’s always, just something about it. It’s attractive in my opinion. – I want you to have some money in the bank, and I want you to have, I want you to have what I have in a certain level. I’m not saying that, because I work hard, I want you to work hard, so I think that that drives you. (guests chatter) I like women, we’re gonna say the right things, but ladies, there’s something about us that we need to feel safe and taken care of. – Well that’s what I was gonna say, if you break down marriage from like the beginning, it was apparent to people that you can’t survive by yourself, so you gotta partner with somebody to get through the winter. So, back in the day, women were often attracted to big burly men because when it was a laboring kinda life, that was what you were attracted to. Now that’s why comics and nerds are gettin’ women because that’s where the money is, right? (guests laughing) (audience clapping) – I think it’s important, but I think there’s a danger associating profession with attraction and compatibility. – What is the danger? – Here’s the danger.

You can’t marry a list, you gotta marry a person. – Of course. – But here’s the thing, so I’m married to an actress. Never wanted to date an actress, so based upon her job-description, I was gonna reject her. But, once I got a chance to know her, I realized, oh, beyond the job, there’s a person, and that person is what mattered most. – Motivation is sexy, though, like someone that gets up in the morning and is motivated to tackle some goals. – I think what you’re hittin’ on is women would like to know that their man is engaged in something substantial.https://globalnews.ca/news/3603503/15-opening-lines-that-will-get-a-response-on-your-dating-apps/ And if the paychecks aren’t the same, I think that’s less of an issue than the fact that they’re not just sitting at home waitin’ to like, have no life for you. – A woman doesn’t want to attach herself to a man who doesn’t have a plan, who doesn’t have anything workin’ because you too old, you not in the training and raising a boy business. – Right. – When you get to a certain age, it’s time out for that. You do wanna meet somebody who has something established already, you know, now on the other foot it said 49% of men are less caring about that, and for me, if I meet the woman of my dreams, I don’t care what you do. – Men are like, she’s fine, she’s into me, that’s enough for now, and then it builds from there.


But the one thing that, I’m married 31 years, same girl. (audience clapping) And the only thing I say that, what you said Steve makes a lot of sense, later in life having your ducks in a row makes sense, but having your ducks in a row before you commit to a relationship, sometimes ducks die, right? So, I feel like one of the keys to my success in my marriage was that I had nothing when I met her, we were like, alright let’s do this and everything we have is a we. There’s not mine and hers. – Well, you met her at an age where that was okay. – That’s right, age appropriate. – And that was what we were just saying, the attraction for us is the attraction for you to take care of us.

The attraction for you to provide. It’s the same physical attraction that you have. – It’s more important for us that we have a woman in our life that has the qualities of being a great person, a supportive person, but a woman wants to feel safe. They keep sayin’ it. – The partnership is about that support, like it’s an honor like you said Steve, to be the provider for your wife or your children and all that, but there’s no way I’m gonna be an effective provider if I don’t have my woman supporting me in the bad times. – There’s no way you could be that. – Exactly. – You’re not who you are today, you you and me, without the woman that we have.

Dudes kill me thinkin’ you can do this without a woman. – No, you can’t. – You can’t. – You can be a successful man, but you’ll never be a great man. – Say it again. (audience clapping) – That’s right. – We gotta take a quick break. We’re just gettin’ started, more Straight Talk comin’ when we come back. (audience clapping) (upbeat music)

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